Life Sciences in Europe and particularly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is one of the most important focus area for economic growth.
In the Netherlands the government is investing heavily in industrial (pre-competitive) research in programs such as CTMM, BMM, TIP and NGI.
Such investments will lead to new technologies, which provide opportunities for the development of new products and services.


The consultancy firm, LifetecVision, offers expertise to facilitate access to target markets (entry selection),
to understand customer demands and awareness, to realise business planning and to develop new products and services in Life Sciences.
We support companies in translating ideas into commercial reality.
We investigate the possibilities of knowledge institutions to translate their expertise into market applications and commercial services.
We make financial plannings and advice in finding venture capital in order to ensure continued product development and application research.
We provide access to a network in life sciences, medical technology, high tech systems and food processing in Western Europe.
We search for partners that fill technology gaps within your reserach and development projects.
Our expertise ensures that you will enter into cooperation with partners that are complementary to your  knowhow and technical expertise.